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Northfield Planning Commission-Tuesday, April 25, 2006

April 30, 2006 at 4:13 pm
By Kathy Tezla

Submitted by Pat Kriesel, LWV Observer

Public hearings were held for further development of Rosewood Estates located east of the Northfield Golf Club. The main issue was the Rosewood 5th Addition sharing the storm water retention pond on the golf course.

The original 8.8 acre site with 50 attached townhomes was completed in 2000. The applicant is asking for the setback to be amended from 30 to 20 feet so that homeowners can build rear yard room additions and decks. Passed.

The second proposal by Miles Development Corporation was a 26 acre parcel containing Outlot C, which would be rezoned from Agricultural to a Planned Unit Development (PUD.) The corporation plans to build 28 detached townhomes, expected to start at $300,000, on Outlot C. The entire projec will contain a total of 50 new homes.

The controversial issue for the development is the use of the storm drainage pond located on golf club property. The city engineer consultant has found the plan for drainage and erosion control as well as expanded capacity of the pond acceptable. Reid Hansen, lawyer for the golf course, spoke saying the Northfield Golf Club will work with the developer and the city to reach an agreement on the storm drainage pond maintenance.

After considerable discussion the Preliminary Plat for the Rosewood 5th Addition was recommended to City Council with four conditions:
Condition # 3. The applicant will be required to provide easements to the city from the Northfield Golf Club to discharge storm water from the Rosewood 5th Addition and surrounding area into the pond located on Golf Club property, and to have access to the pond for maintenance purposes.

The staff recommendation of the Conceptual Development Plan for the Miles Corporation passed on a 4 - 2 vote. This included a PUD plan for the 28 detached townhomes on smaller lots.

Next Meeting Tuesday, May 9, 2006.


  • May 1 2006 at 7:07 am
    Ross Currier


    What did you think about the discussion on "dead-end by design" streets? It is sure to come up again.

    Thanks much,


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