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Rice County Board of Commissioners - December 1, 2009

December 14, 2009 at 4:14 pm
By admin

LWV   Observer - Georgiana Campbell

All commissioners were present.

Considerable business awaited the commissioners as December began.

Community Health Board: Mary Ho presented for approval a Grant Agreement  with MDH  (the Minnesota Dept. of Health).  The agreement provided for Early Hearing Detection and Intervention  and also for Intervention Follow-Up.   The commissioners gave their approval.

Public Health: Mary Ho asked for renewal of a contract providing Oral Health Services.There was a second contract, this one with Northfield Hospital  which offers Prepared Childbirth Education  Classes.  Those contracts were approved by the commissioners.  There were also three interpreter  contracts that were renewed and approved by the commissioners.

The U.S. Census will be taken in  2010, and census representatives in  our area were present at this meeting to  explain the procedure and answer questions.  The 2010 Census is a  short form with only 10 questions.  Answering these questions according to directions is very important as is the plan to get a complete count.       Paul Knutson is the Dept. Head of the Assessor's Office.  He reviewed the procedures involved if property has been damaged but not  damaged enough to qualify for disaster credit.  If that is the case, the property owner may be given  an adjustment in valuation (which can mean an adjustment in the amount of taxes to be paid).  The commissioners approved  the  requests for abatements they had received.

Social Services: Mark Shaw - He alerted commissioners and staff that there will be children's mental health legislation before next year's state legislature.

Administration: Gary Weiers -  Schedule of January Board Meetings ----Jan, 5, 12, 19, and 26.

Weiers  also pointed out that the "Phased Retirement Option" which will be available to employees next year may be an important issue to consider.  There will be  an opportunity  for employees to exercise some choice as to when they will retire and, of course, a need to plan how they can time their retirement to fit their plans.


  • April 29 2010 at 10:35 am
    Stephanie Henriksen

    I see there are no observor reports since December. Anybody going to pick up this assignment? Action at the County is very intense lately. Lots of controversy over private hunting club (proposer pulled out) and motocross raceway, both in Forest Township.

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