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Northfield Hospital Board Meeting - October 25, 2012

October 28, 2012 at 1:06 pm
By Charlotte Carlson

Special Presentations

Maren Swanson presented an overview of the Open Meeting Law.

Quality and Patient Safety

Ann Reuter, Quality Assurance Department, presented the Annual Review of Contracted Services report and the Annual Review of Quality & Performance Improvement Policy & Northfield Hospital Quality Program 2012.  The Quality Dashboard indicators for the first half of the year are stable or improved in all of the areas measured with the exception of ‘complete discharge instructions given to patients with Heart Failure’.  This is a pass or fail measure and includes six parts.  Major reason for failure has been lack of documentation.  Education has brought the measure for 3rd quarter to 100%.

Action Items 

  1. Board approved the minutes of the September meeting with changes.
  2. Contracted Services, as presented in the Quality and Patient Safety Report, were approved.
  3. Quality & Performance Improvement Policy and Quality Program 2012-2013 was approved.
  4. Board approved the applications for the medical staff privileges.
  5. Board approved the request by Vicki Stevens, Emergency Medical Services, of $98,151 for the repair of Medic 8 (ambulance vehicle 308). The low bid was from Everest Emergency Vehicles. Medic 8 has been in service since 1996 and has over 235,000 miles.  The repairs will include removing and reinstalling the patient care compartment, replacing all wiring and parts, installing a new Ford E450 gas engine chassis and repainting.  This should give another 6 years of service, after which time the vehicle should be replaced (current cost of new vehicle is $150,000).  Ms. Stevens also thanked the Board on behalf of all of the emergency medical service staff for the new facility.  She had high praise for the design, space and new environment.
  6. After discussion the Board approved the 2013 Strategic Work Plan

Discussion Items

  1. Joint city/Hospital Board taskforce final report is on the City Council agenda for November 13.
  2. Schedule for 2013 Board Meetings was set.
  3. Schedule for 2013 Committee Meetings was set.
  4. Gina Franklin, Board chair, presented a list of items that require Board action.  After discussion it was decided to formalize into a policy and review it annually.

Informational Items

Committee Reports

Medical Staff Report, Dr. Jose Fulco drew attention to work being done to prevent readmissions.

Governance & Planning (G&P), Gina Franklin, Board Chair, reported on several items.

  1. The house on Second Street has been listed.  This is in keeping with the sale of the three lots previously.
  2. CEO search process has started.  The RFP was sent to 8 companies.  Responses are due back on Oct 29.  The G&P committee will select the finalist for interviews.  Board will be brought into the process at the Nov. 15th meeting.  The aim is for a six month process.  The G&P committee will review the makeup of the search committee and bring a recommendation to the Board at the Nov 15th meeting.   Interviews hopefully will start by February 15th.
  3. Projects are under review for funding from the Mark Henke Memorial Fund.  Staff is being asked for recommendations for projects.

Administrative Reports

CFO, Tim Gronseth, reported that Net Operational Income was at a negative $413,000 for the month of September.  This is well below budget projection of a positive $414,000.  The YTD is a negative $172,000.  Surgeries are down across all areas.  October is looking more positive with higher surgeries and inpatient admissions and newborns on target.  Department heads have found 2.6%  cost  reductions with the goal being 5%.  Capital expenditures are on hold and are 46% of budget thru September and are expected to not exceed 75% or budget.  Only items related to patient safety are being considered.  The finance department is preparing for the S&P audit for bond rating.  CEO Mary Crow will be interviewed Tuesday, October 30th.  The results will take about 2 months.

Clinic Medical Director, Dr. Randy Reister, reported:

The discussions with Allina concerning call scheduling coverage seem to be at a standstill.  They are still trying to work on several different approaches, trying to make this a win-win for both organizations.  Coverage for Pediatrics will become an issue as one of the doctors has resigned.  They continue to plan for coverage in all areas.

Dr. Reister is planning to step down as Clinic Medical Director April 1, if another colleague will assume the position.  Discussion is underway.

CMO, Dr. Jeff Meland, had no additional report

CEO, Mary Crow, reported on several items.

The recent audit of bedside time for nurses ranked Northfield Hospital in the top three of any organization.  Over the past 18 months the nurses have made 57 changes in their procedures allowing them to spend 48% of their time at the bedside, up from 43%.

Medicare (CMS) has completed their audit. Northfield Hospital was the first national audit.  $750,000 was at risk.  We were in TOTAL compliance.

The Henke Family Trust is being set up for scholarships for the 3 children.  Letters will be going out soon. 

She reported she has met with Tim Madigan, city administrator.  Meeting went well.

Meeting adjourned 9:30.


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    The house on 2nd street is NOT listed.

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