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Northfield Hospital Board Meeting - November 15, 2012

November 20, 2012 at 3:35 pm

Council Resolution: (Not an action item) The Board reviewed City Council Resolution 2012-109 committing the City to continued ownership of Northfield Hospital and Clinics "for the foreseeable future".  It was proposed by the joint Board/Council task force that has been considering ownership and related issues for nearly a year. 

Members and staff expressed relief and added that this action removes a cloud of uncertainty that has led some current employees to consider seeking employment elsewhere and made some prospective employees reluctant to accept employment offers.  The hospital will continue actively communicating with the Council in the coming year.  Later, in a committee report, the Public Relations committee announced that staff will offer an orientation especially for the new mayor and council members, with continuing council members also invited.   

CEO Search: The Hospital is seeking a new president/chief executive officer (CEO) to replace the late Mark Henke.  The Board reviewed and approved a committee recommendation to select Furst Group to conduct the search for a new CEO/President.  The firm's CEO, who will lead the search, has 30 years of experience and recent, successful experience conducting searches for top hospital executives in Minnesota. 

The Board also approved categories for a ten-member search committee.  It will be composed of Board members, medical professionals, administrative staff, City Council and a community member at large.  Specific candidates will be recruited in December.  The committee and consultant plan to propose a candidate for Board approval by May 1, 2013.

Other Actions

  1. Medical Staff:  Thirteen applications for medical staff membership and/or privileges were approved. These included new and renewal applications.
  2. Board Approval Policies and Practices:  Periodically, the Board must approve policies and practices to satisfy best management practices and regulatory requirements.  A schedule of items requiring Board approval was adopted within the following categories: Quality, Strategy, Personnel, Budget and Finance, Public Relations, and CEO.

Information Items

  1. Long Term Care Facility: Staff reported that an annual Quality of Life Survey of residents of the long term care facility revealed significant progress in resident quality of life as a result of an ongoing shift of focus from a health care model to a residential model, educating staff in implementing this new model and adding a limited amount of staff time.
  2. Finances: Tim Gronseth, Chief Financial Officer, reported that, after two months of slow hospital activity, October was a very busy month, and November also promises to be very busy.  This will improve the outlook for the year from below 2012 predictions to very near those predictions.  

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