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Northfield Hospital Board Meeting - December 13, 2012

December 18, 2012 at 2:21 pm
By Dave Emery

Action Items

  1. The Board approved the minutes of the November Board meeting.
  2. The Board approved the applications for medical staff privileges.
  3. The Board approved an Operating Budget for 2013 with projected Net Operating Revenue of $78 million and projected Net Operating Income of $0.094 million.  The 2013 rate increases were 6% for the hospital, and 3% for the clinics.
  4. The Board approves a Capital Budget for 2013 of $3 million, which included $398,000 carryover from 2012. 
  5. The Board approved depositories and safe keeping entities for 2013.
  6. The Budget and Finance Committee delayed bringing a donation proposal to the Board.


Stacie Rice, Quality Improvement Specialist for Family Health Medical Clinics—those clinics that belong to the hospital, reported on Clinic Quality Data.  The data focused on patient safety and satisfaction.  The clinics were often below average for the data collected under the Minnesota Health Care Reform Act, which covers treatment protocols.  The clinics were above average on the HEADIS surveys measuring patient satisfaction.   Rice noted that all the data was for 2011, when the clinics were still experiencing startup and stability problems.   Rice noted that patient grievances were 1.3 per 1000 patient visits, which is low.  

Informational Items

  1. The Hospital Board thanked Dr. Fulco for his service representing the Medical Staff to the Board.
  2. The Budget and Finance Committee report that Standard & Poors continued the current bond rating of the hospital, but suggested an upgrade may be possible in 2013.  The B&F Committee is studying a proposal from Friends of Way Park on the use of the property that formerly housed the ambulance service.   The Board discussed a letter from the City to the Northfield Ambulance Association suggesting a cut in financial support.  The funding is currently used by the Association to fund pre-arrival instructions to people who call for ambulance service, e.g. instructions on stabilizing an injured person until the ambulance arrives.  Board members were of the opinion that pre-arrival instructions were important, and authorized a letter to the City seeking clarification of the situation.
  3. CFO Report:  Revenues and Net Income for November were below budget.  Financial performance for 2012 is considerably below budget, and below that of 2011. 
  4. Clinic Medical Director Report:  The Board thanked Dr. Randy Reister for his work as Chief Medical Officer.  Dr. Reister will return to full-time patient care.
  5. Chief Medical Officer Report: Dr. Meland reported on the initial meeting of the Clinic Executive Board. The Board was formed from the multispecialty clinic medical staffs connected with the hospital.  Each of the 8 specialties has a representative on the Board.   The purposes of the Board are to create a common culture, develop a medical identity, and to encourage the physicians to participate in improving the quality of health care available in the community. 
  6. CEO Report:  Mary Crow reported that the executive search firm chosen by the Board to help recruit a new CEO had been on site interviewing hospital personnel, search committee members, etc.  Crow reported that she had met with the City Administrator and Superintendent of Schools to explore ways they might collaborate to reduce costs.  They decided to start by exploring shared data storage. 
  7. A Board member reported receiving inquiries regarding the provision of dialysis services in Northfield.  Mary Crow reported that the hospital had talked with vendors about the service in the past, and would renew the conversation. 

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