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The fourteen leaders profiled in these photo essays are involved in a range of political, civic, and humanitarian endeavors in the local community and beyond (more about the project).

Rhonda Pownell

August 26, 2012

Rhonda Pownell, City Councilor, mother, and St. Olaf grad, has devoted her life to service. She graduated from St. Olaf with a degree in Social Work, making a firm commitment to changing lives. Today, she works extensively within her church and the Northfield community as a whole. For Mrs. Pownell, our goal as community members should be to serve others, even in the smallest of acts. From her work as City Councilor to inspiring her children through homeschooling, Rhonda Pownell is a leader.

American Conversations Group Members
  • Hannah Herndon
  • Bayley Flint
  • Jay Carlson
  • Thomas Dunning