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Monthly newsletter for members of the League of Women Voters Northfield - Cannon Falls

March, 2014 (March 22, 2014)

  • Letter from the President

    From its first days, League has been about voting. Not so long ago, “one man, one vote” was the ideal. Well, League helped make it “one person, one vote,” but we haven’t arrived yet.

    Join us for a memorable “What’s Up?” this Monday, March 24th, at 7 pm at the Senior Center. We’ll hear a dynamite panel discussion on who gets to vote and who doesn’t, in history and in our time.

  • Where’s Karen?

    If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t seen Karen Saxe at local League meetings this year, wonder no more!  Karen is in Washington, D,C., working as a Science and Technology Policy Fellow. The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) sponsors about thirty Congressional Fellows each year and each fellow is sponsored by a professional society.  Karen is sponsored by the American Mathematical Society (AMS), working in the office of Senator Al Franken.  Education is her main policy area and she has also assisted with Indian Affairs and Marriage Equality. She is on the legislative team, helping to develop legislation as it moves through Congress and into law.

  • Carleton Partnership

    On Thursday, March 13th, representatives of the League of Women Voters and WINGS (Women in Northfield Giving Support) met with Annette Nierobisz’s sociology/anthropology methods course students over chai tea and sweet treats.  Students shared some of the key responses they heard during their interviews and League and WINGS members had the opportunity to ask follow-up questions.   Attendees agreed that valuable information was shared by the students and that the messages conveyed will help both organizations to better meet the needs of their members and promote the missions of their respective groups.

  • Community Read

    The Telling Project event that took place at the Weitz Center in February in partnership with Carleton College was highly successful.

    The stories shared by the veterans appearing on stage (none of them with acting experience) were powerful and those in attendance were greatly moved by their accounts.  Attendees included local community members, as well as visitors to Northfield. The guided discussion that followed the performance provided opportunities for veterans in the audience to also offer the “telling” of their stories.

  • Calendar of Events

    Monday, March 24th

    • “What’s Up?” - Voter Suppression and Voter Access
    • 7 pm - Northfield Senior Center – Room 106

    Monday, April 14th

    • Board Meeting
    • 6:45 pm - Carleton College Alumni House         

    Saturday, April 26th

    • Annual Meeting - Northfield Senior Center – Room 103
    • 9 am - Coffee & Treats
    • 9:30 am - Business Meeting
    • 10:45 am - Speaker: Lori Sturdevant

    Saturday, May 3rd

    • LWV Minnesota Council Meeting
    • MN Landscape Arboretum

    Sunday, May 18th

    • Community Read
    • 4-6 pm - Weitz Center – Room 236