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Monthly newsletter for members of the League of Women Voters Northfield - Cannon Falls

January, 2016 (January 16, 2016)

  • Mary Hahn

    Letter From the President

    Happy New Year from your local League! We hope you had an enjoyable holiday season, with friends and family in abundance. Now that the holiday season is behind us, we turn to the first exciting League event of each new year – Program Planning 2016. This year, the focus is on the national level. Our esteemed board Vice President, Allene Moesler, will be leading the charge of program planning, side by side with former Northfield resident and active League member, Teena Keiser. In addition to serving on the board of our local League in prior years, Teena has helped us year after year with her expertise in program planning.  Warm thanks to both Allene and Teena.

  • Program Planning 2016

    Hello, fellow League members!  It is that time of year again – Program Planning 2016.

    Your local, state and national Leagues need you!   Every year, your local LWV Northfield-Cannon Falls holds an annual “program” meeting in January.  This year, the focus is National (each year, program planning alternates between State and National issues). You will be asked to make program suggestions. Thereafter, the local program for the upcoming year is adopted by membership vote at the annual meeting.

  • Stephanie Henriksen

    An Appreciation of the Life and Work of Stephanie Henriksen

    Stephanie Henriksen passed away last month. She was a very active longtime member of our League.

    Upon hearing of Stephanie Henriksen’s passing, a supervisor from a neighboring township commented that Stephanie knew, better than anyone, how to “poke the bear.”  I had to look that one up, and I chuckled as I read: “To act in a way that has a good, but not definite, chance of causing trouble. To stir things up. To antagonize a person who is in a position of authority.” Yes, as I recalled the dozens of phone calls I’d received from Stephanie over the years, she did indeed “poke the bear.” And for all that, the Bridgewater Township board recently recognized her active citizenship on behalf of our township by acclamation.

  • $2.00 a Day - Living on Almost Nothing in America

    Northfield Reads

    This is the third year that LWV has partnered with the Human Rights Commission and other area groups to sponsor a community reading and discussion program. The goal of Northfield Reads is to gather people to consider readings that might increase their awareness and understanding of the diversity among us.

    This year’s book selection is $2 a Day:  Living an Almost Nothing in America, by Kathryn Edin and Luke Shaefer.  Through a series of stories of families living on very little money, the authors provide an understanding of the social, economic and political factors that have led to this situation.

  • Membership Chair Asks for Swift Action

    If you sense some urgency in my headline, you’re right. As we look to the task of verifying our PMP (Per Member Payment) schedule and submitting members’ names to LWVMN and LWVUS in January, we realize that we still have not received this year’s dues from a good number of our members. We need members’ dues to support both our PMP obligations AND our ongoing local program costs. This fall, I sent personal emails to those of you who had not yet paid your dues. I’m pleased to say we had a good response initially. But now we need to hear from those of you who have yet to submit your checks.

  • Note From the Editor

    Aside from annual dues, we hope you will also consider a donation to your local League now or at any time during 2016. Because the local League is now a 501(c)(3) organization, it appears that contributions to the local LWV are fully deductible to the donor for federal income tax purposes.  You may wish to check with your tax advisor to determine this applies in your own case.

  • You're Invited to Participate on the LWV Board or a Committee

    Do you want to make the world a better place, and also hang out with a great group of local people? Then consider participating in LWV Northfield-Cannon Falls by being on the board or working with one of the committees. Or you may just want to step in from time to time to work on a particular project. The nominations committee will be starting their work soon, and making some calls. What would you like to do, and what would you like to see LWV accomplish locally, in the state, and even nationally? Help us do great things!

  • A Few Notes on Robert's Rules of Order

    Many of us have learned to think of the title parliamentarian as equivalent to brain surgeon. But being a parliamentarian is not that hard. While difficult conflicts in parliamentary procedure can arise sometimes, the general application of the rules is straightforward. And those rules may contribute as much to our convenience and productivity as the rules of the road, which all of us rather successfully follow when we drive life’s highways and byways.

    The standard guide on how to manage a meeting is Robert’s Rules of Order newly revised. For a helpful summary of the general practices, called “Parliamentary Procedure,” visit

  • Calendar of Events

    January 18

    • LWV Board Meeting
    • Friends Meetinghouse, 512 Washington St
    • 7 pm
    • "The Color of Unity": A Community Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    • Emmaus Church, 712 North Linden St
    • 7–8:15 p.m.

    January 30

    • LWV Program Planning Meeting
    • Friends Meetinghouse, 512 Washington St
    • 9:30 a.m. treats; 10 a.m. meeting

    March 21

    • LWV Board Meeting
    • Friends Meetinghouse, 512 Washington St
    • 7 pm

    April TBD

    • Northfield Reads
    • First week of April, TBD

    April 19

    • LWV Board Meeting
    • Friends Meetinghouse, 512 Washington St
    • 7 pm

    April 23

    • Annual Meeting
    • Friends Meetinghouse, 512 Washington St