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Project or Event Information Request Form

We are happy you have contacted the League for possible assistance with your event or project!

The League receives many such requests. In order to streamline the process of gathering information, we have created this request for information form.  

Please know that the League does not provide funding for projects or events in the community. League involvement might consist of, for example, the following:  assistance with locating and organizing volunteers; assistance with publicity; coordination of speakers; moderation of panels or round-table discussions. 

Please fill out this form with as much detail as possible. The League board will review this information and be in touch as soon as possible.

We thank you for contacting the League!

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Event or Project Title:*
Please provide a general description of the event or project and its goals:
Event or Project Description:*
Please provide names, email addresses, and phone numbers for key project contacts:
Key Contacts:*
If applicable, please provide date and venue information:
Date of Event:
Venue for Event:
What is the anticipated audience for this event? Who are you trying to reach?
Is the project associated with a school or college? If so, explain the role of the school or college and if/how students are involved:
School / College Association:
What is the anticipated cost of the event or project? Please describe current and anticipated funding sources:
Costs and Funding Sources:*
Who are the current or anticipated sponsors of the event or project, if any (other than the League):
Please describe your plans for publicity. Are you requesting League assistance with publicity?