Action Whatever League does, at every level of government, to implement its Program. Taking Action is our brand of direct citizen participation in formulating government policy outside of the voting booth.
Action Alert A plea to all members to participate in a concerted effort to implement a League Position. Members are asked to write or call their elected officials requesting a specific vote on legislation.

Action Alerts are sent via the lwvmn-share email list. Take Action announcements are also posted on our local blog and sent out to our MailChimp list.

CIA Citizens in Action Annual conference held each year at the start of the Legislative Session, featuring workshops to teach citizen lobbying skills.
Citizen Information/Voter Service League’s continuing activity to help all citizens become informed voters and participate in government. Locally LWVNCF’s voter service arm is called the Voter Education Committee.
CMAL Council of Metropolitan Leagues An inter-League organization composed of members of the local Leagues in the seven county Twin Cities metropolitan area. Its Program deals with governmental issues of Metropolitan significance, such as land use, tranportation and fiscal disparities. It closely follows the Metropolitan Council.
Concurrence The act of agreeing with, or concurring with, a statement or Position. Concurrence can work in several ways. Groups of League members or League boards can concur with 1) recommendations of a Resource Committee or a Unit group, 2) decision statements formulated by League boards, or 3) Positions reached by another League or Leagues.
Consensus Agreement among a substantial number of members (not just a simple majority). Expressed in terms of broad objectives, Consensus is not tied to specific legislation, but is general enough to serve as a standard for evaluating and monitoring legislation.

As a general rule, background materials presenting the pros and cons on the issue being considered are provided to Leagues and members in the Concurrence process.

DPM Duplicate Presidents Mailing Local Leagues may order a second copy of the mailing sent to local League Presidents for a fee.
Ed Fund Education Fund The tax exempt, tax deductible arm of the League established to accept contributions from industry, unions, foundations, and private parties to fund educational and citizen information projects. Local Leagues seek such contributions for their own projects. (Regular contributions to the League are not tax deductible because we are an Action organization and ask our members to influence legislation.)
Grassroots At Unit meetings, all League members have an opportunity to decide what Position League will take on an issue (see Consensus) and suggest Program topics. Members also recommend changes for all levels of League. All members are also encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting to vote on the adoptions of the Local Program, Budget and Bylaw changes, as well as in the election of the Local Board. This Board selects delegates who make such decisions at the State and National conventions.
Lobbyist A volunteer League member who promotes League Positions in Local, State or National legislature or Executive departments. Because the League tries to reflect member agreement, League spokespersons work with the continuing supervision of the appropriate League Board.
LOTT Leaders of Today and Tomorrow A project of the League of Women Voters that provides leadership training primarily for college age women.
LWVMN League of Women Voters of Minnesota The membership part of the League of Women Voters of Minnesota. Lobbying activities are done by LWVMN.
LWVMNEF League of Women Voters of Minnesota Education Fund The 501(c)(3) part of the League of Women Voters of Minnesota. Voter Service and educational programs are done under the Ed Fund.
LWVNCF League of Women Voters Northfield-Cannon Falls Local LWV organization with membership open to women and men in the greater Northfield and Cannon Falls area.
LWVUS League of Women Voters of the United States National LWV organization to which all local leagues belong.
MAL Member at Large A League member who is not a member of a local League
Non-Partisan Policy League as an organization does not support individual candidates or political parties. Members are encouraged to be active in the party of their choice, (many candidates and elected officials are members of League), but a Board member’s personal political behavior should not endanger the League’s Non-partisan image.
Observer A League member who regularly attends meetings of local government bodies on behalf of LWV and reports on how they function and what issues a concern for them.
PMP Per member payment Amount paid annually by local Leagues to LWVMN and LWVUS
Program Issues chosen by members for study and Action. At each level of League, Program includes items adopted for current study and carefully worded Positions. Continued support of each issue is reaffirmed at the biennial National and State conventions, or the Local Annual Meeting.
Publications A vast array of written materials that come from every level of League at nominal cost. They are basic tools members use to study, discuss, and take Action. They help all citizens to be better informed Voters through as wide a community distribution network as possible. Publications and other presentations that present factual material and do not indicate a League Position are financed through Education Fund money to cover the cost of printing and distribution.
Resource Committee A group of interested League members who research or update a Program topic. The topic is then presented to the members, in a publication, in a VOTER article or at Unit meetings for discussion and possibly a Consensus.
Ten Minute Activist Members volunteer to make phone calls, send post cards or e-mail to elected officials on issues of their choosing. Members are provided with the means of constituent contact with government representatives in a way that is efficient, quick, and direct. Members are notified via the lwvmn-share email list when issues need lobbying Action.
Unit Small groups in each Local League that meet monthly to participate in League Program by study, discussion and action. Discussion Units are the heart of the League where opinions on League issues and actions are recorded.
VOTER Newsletter The quarterly State and quarterly National bulletins which help keep members informed about League activities. They are automatically mailed to members upon payment of dues.