Where We Stand

“Positions” are reached by consensus of League members after much (sometimes years of) discussion and research. Therefore, they are not taken lightly. No one may speak for the League without adhering to the Positions.

POSITION: A statement of the League’s point of view on an issue, arrived at through member study and agreement (consensus or concurrence), approved by the appropriate board and used as a basis for League action.

Here is a summary of those positions, what is referred to as “Pocket Positions.” Any position which was established at the local level, rather than the US or MN level, has “Northfield” after its title.


Briefing Paper: Homelessness In Northfield

This Briefing Paper has been prepared in conjunction with a social work class at St. Olaf College: Groups, Communities, and Organizations. It has been a mutually beneficial project in which students in the class experienced the value of working in partnership with community based groups, and learned about the community, while LWV benefited from the interviews conducted by the students under the guidance of their professor, Lisa Moore. The two authors of this report, Kathleen Doran-Norton and Mary Steen, attended class and provided local color and information as the students developed their interview questions. The students provided LWV with transcriptions of their interviews.