2020 Candidate Forums: Oct. 3

Northfield City Council 2020 (At Large, Ward 2, Ward 3)
Northfield Mayor
Northfield School Board (select 4)

Full recordings of the 2020 Candidate Forums conducted on October 3, 2020 and sponsored by LWV-NCF, ACE, CCCE, and Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce (Northfield City Council, Northfield Mayor, Northfield School Board).

Click here to see the September 26, 2020 Candidate Forums (Rice County Commissioner District 1, MN Senate Districts 20 and 58, and MN House Districts 20B and 58B).

One thought on “2020 Candidate Forums: Oct. 3

  1. I heard on NPR that Madison WI was doing “ Voting in the Park” event to collect absentee ballots. Is that something we could do in Northfield!?


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