Beyond Voting: Making Your Voice Count

On Thursday January 18, 2018, at 7pm at St. John’s Lutheran Church, we have organized a presentation called Beyond Voting: Making Your Voice Count.

This is caucus training that seeks to answer the questions of why and how to caucus. At the event, Kevin Dahl, our former DFL legislator will address why to caucus, while Jennifer DeJournett, the Director for Minnesota of the American Majority, a conservative training organization will present on how to caucus. We will also provide examples of resolutions and recommendations for writing them. As the League is a non-partisan organization, we aim to provide multiple perspectives to our members and information to enable all of us to take action and participate in our communities.

While that night we will all learn far more, we want to share a few teasers in this invitation:

Why caucus?

  • Because among other activities, we will be involved in nominating the party’s candidate for governor in each of the parties at our precinct caucuses
  • Because caucuses provide the opportunity to enact grassroots democracy where you can bring the resolutions about issues that you care about to your party and try to move them up the party platform. It is the most grassroots democratic moment in the upcoming year to help shape political party plans.

How to caucus?

  • Caucuses will be held on February 6th. Please hold that date to be an active citizen. We will provide you with more information as to where you caucus as well.

Come learn more on January 18th. If you need transportation, please let me know and we will seek to provide it for you. If you have questions, please feel free to send those my way as well.

Looking forward to seeing you January 18th!

Adrienne Falcon

League Caucus training poster





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