Take Action event for our letter writing in June


The LWVMN is requesting action on the following:


Contact your state legislators to reshape policing and public safety in Minnesota

Recent events, including the Death of George Floyd, have made clear that our public safety system in Minnesota needs adjustments.

The Minnesota state legislature has opened a special session. Public safety reform efforts are a key priority for this special session.

Please call your legislator today and tell them the following:

  • Support legislation that would increase the accountability of law enforcement officers for their errors and misconduct. Training, funding, and programmatic changes will not be sufficient if officers are not held accountable when they act wrongly.
  • Support the Reclaiming Community Oversight Act and the Reforming Accountability Act
  • Please also consider supporting the Reimaging Public Safety Act

Learn more about these pieces of legislation and other reform efforts.

If you click on the link above, you will find an Action Alert button on the page that makes it easy to contact your state senator and representative.


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