LWV Call to Protect the Postal Service


One of our nation’s most critical essential services is under attack. The United States Postal Service serves every American household delivering essential supplies, paychecks, census mailers, and much more. It has been on the frontlines of the current global pandemic ensuring that Americans remain connected and safe.
The postal service is essential to our democracy. This year more Americans will use the postal service to receive and cast their ballot because of COVID-19. Delivering ballots is just ONE of the essential functions the post office plays – especially while on the frontlines of a pandemic. Undermining the postal service’s ability to do its work is a serious blow to our democracy. Processing absentee ballots is nothing new for the postal service. For decades, they have processed hundreds of millions of absentee ballots from overseas voters and service members, and support five states with all mail-in elections every year. Not every voter will choose to vote by mail, but every voter should have the option to do so and trust that their ballot will be received on time.
Working people depend on the postal service for their paychecks. Veterans depend on the postal service for medicines and VA benefits. Small businesses depend on the postal service to ship their products to customers. Voters rely on the postal service to send and receive their ballots.

Voters should not be forced to choose between their health and their fundamental right to vote. Contact your Member of Congress and tell them why we need to protect and fully fund the U.S. Postal Service.

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