Annual Meeting Information

We will meet in person for the first time in two years. The Friends Meeting asks that everyone wear a mask. Bring a friend. Come to reconnect. If you have not renewed your membership, renew at the meeting.

Agenda for the Business meeting:

9:00     Call to order and welcome – Co-President Adrienne Falcon 

Annual Meeting Minutes – motion to approve 

Presidents Report – 
Voter Services Report – 

Membership Report – 

9:10     Treasurer’s Report – Paul Zorn

Proposed budget for 2022 – 2023 – motion to approve 

9:15     Nominations Committee Report

Nominations from the Floor 

Election of new board members (2022 – 2023) 

9:20     Statement from incoming presidents

Direction from Membership to New Board

9:30     Adjourn 

Immediately following the conclusion of the business meeting, we will have a presentation on policing, mental crisis response, and restorative justice:

Policing, Mental Health Crisis Response, and Restorative Justice

For the past 2 years, the Northfield Cannon Falls League of Women Voters has been working on advocacy efforts and a study around Policing and Crisis Mental Health Responses. Classie Dudley, who is the NAACP President in Duluth will share insights from the exciting work that they have been doing to address equity issues and the implementation of the Cahoots crisis response model and how they are approaching this work from a restorative justice mindset. Rep. Todd Lippert will share information about current bills at the legislature on these topics and Julia Tassava and Amelia Arnold who will be stepping down from being on the League board for 2 years as two of our first youth board members will share insights from their work on these issues and their time on the board. Following presentations, the speakers will take your questions.

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