Northfield Police Experience Survey

In response to recent events in Minnesota, a group of young people came together with the Northfield and Cannon Falls League of Women Voters to better understand more about police interactions with the public and current police policy in Northfield. They put together a survey regarding the community’s experiences with and opinions of the Northfield … Continue reading Northfield Police Experience Survey

Absentee Voting/Early Voting Information

People use both terms, absentee and early voting for voting before Election Day.  Absentee voting started on Friday, September 18, 2020, 46 days prior to the election.  The early voting portion of absentee voting, where you are able to put your ballot directly into the ballot counter starts 7 days prior to the General Election.  … Continue reading Absentee Voting/Early Voting Information

Northfield Hospital Board Meeting: September 2020

The September Board Meeting was a Webex Virtual meeting arranged by the hospitals IT staff.  Opening 1. (I had difficultly logging into the meeting and so I joined late and missed the opening.)   The Consent Agenda included Minutes from the August Board Meeting and Minutes from a Community Relations Meeting; Annual Review of the Quality … Continue reading Northfield Hospital Board Meeting: September 2020

LWV Call to Protect the Postal Service

One of our nation’s most critical essential services is under attack. The United States Postal Service serves every American household delivering essential supplies, paychecks, census mailers, and much more. It has been on the frontlines of the current global pandemic ensuring that Americans remain connected and safe.   The postal service is essential to our … Continue reading LWV Call to Protect the Postal Service